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Does anyone ever feel like they do nothing but clean and no matter how hard they clean it doesn’t matter because there are littles (and bigs) following behind you making messes as you go. Well thats how I feel. As soon as I clean a surface someone plops something down and its just as cluttered as it was before I cleaned it. 

I have been obsessed with having a clean mantel. Never happens. Its ok, I call it the lived in look. Our dining room is a play room, dining table is pushed against a wall and used as a desk. Its not what I want but I will deal for now. 


What do you do when there is no school and you have five kids in your house? You paint faces.


The butterfly


The skeleton


The lion


The gang


Dead man





They had fun with it. I did too. I never realized how much I love painting faces. 

So today its back to school. And for me its getting my house back in order. Yeah right…slim chance of that happening. I have kids to play with here.

I hope you had a great weekend wether it was a two day weekend or a three day weekend. I hope it was fantastic.

Enjoy your week.


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