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Make it Count

The school year had begun. So much change has happened in the short eight weeks of summer break.

When school ended in June I had a 9 year old and a 3 year old. School started last week and I now have a 10 year old 5th grader and a 4 year old preschooler. And with both kids so much change had happened. It’s like they are growing up right in front of me. I still see a newborn and 6 year old. I feel like I woke up one day and they grew up. While I want to keep them young and innocent I know it’s not a reality. It’s time to let go just a little.

Owen and I had a conversation yesterday about me letting go. Not in those exact words but he asked why he can’t do everything his friends can. For example why can’t he watch The Simpsons or Family Guy? Why can’t he play certain video games like Grand Theft Auto? Why doesn’t he play hockey, baseball, soccer, football, lacrosse and basketball?

What I got out of these questions was not “poor me I am deprived”, which is what I heard at first. It was “mom, I’m old enough now for you to loosen up and let me do things kids my age do”.

I don’t believe in spoiling my children with “things”. We are not trying to keep up with the Jones’. We are who we are and do thugs the way we want to. However I do understand peer pressure and I won’t force Owen to do things or not do things he isn’t ready for.

He is telling me he wants to play basketball and be on a travel team. He is telling me he is embarrassed that he doesn’t watch the shows his friends watch. I hear him. So now what? What do I do? Bend because everyone else is watching these shows? I do believe in compromise. If Owen can show me responsibility and self control I am more than happy to let him watch things like The Simpsons or Family guy. They are funny shows. Maybe a tad inappropriate but truth be told, he hears much worse in school. I know this. So I fold on the show thing. I will give in as long as he shows me maturity.

For the first time in his life he is asking to do something specific. I am all for the travel basketball team as long as his school work doesn’t fall behind. I am happy to help him build up his confidence by doing things he enjoys.

I will not bend on Grand Theft Auto. That game will not come into my house. EVER! He knows this and has accepted it. That game is awful!

At this time in Owens life it is so important to lay the foundation for the rest of his life. I want to teach him to work for what you want. Things don’t just come to you because it’s what you want. Here is where we make it count. I hear you Owen and will help you if you help yourself.

Parenting is THE most important job I will ever have. I am trying to raise decent human beings. At this time in their life they have so many outside influences and it is so hard to teach them the right thing. It is so important to Brian and I that no matter what they hear from outsiders they still come to us for guidance. I know realistically they won’t rely on us for everything but they need to know we are here and can trust us.

As we enter into 5th grade and pre K, I prepare myself for what is to come. So much change is happening in both of them. Luckily I have a little bit of and idea of what we are in for as my niece and nephew are only two and three years ahead of us. Thanks Angie for the prep. 😉 I am forever grateful!

I have my game face on. With all the wonderful moments and situations that come with having a pre teen boy, I will be ready! Screaming on the inside, calm and collected on the outside. We got this!!!



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Pure Love

Being a parent is going to be the hardest thing I will ever do. Hands down. 

Its a constant challenge. Things are always changing as the kids grow. I will be anxious and worried for the rest of their life. 

When you think you take two steps forward and are in the clear or on top of things you get pushed back a bit to remind you that you are not on top of it and maybe need to re-asses your situation. Its hard.

My mission in life is to be the best mother I can possibly be. To always be there for my kids, support them, encourage them, and try my damnedest to teach them all I know. 

There was a time in my life I thought I needed more. I thought I wanted that big career in the corporate world. It wasn’t enough for me to just be a stay at home mom and wife. 

Times change because I can say whole heartedly that I am right where I want to be. There is nothing in the world I want more than to be Owen and Shanes mom. I couldn’t even imagine working at this point. These boys are my life. 

I will always try to move heaven and earth to make sure my boys have what they need.


How could you not love those precious faces. 

On that note…to bed I go because I have a very busy day tomorrow. 

I just have to say a quick happy birthday to my sister and her husband! They both have a bday this week!!!


Have a wonderful weekend!

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Does anyone ever feel like they do nothing but clean and no matter how hard they clean it doesn’t matter because there are littles (and bigs) following behind you making messes as you go. Well thats how I feel. As soon as I clean a surface someone plops something down and its just as cluttered as it was before I cleaned it. 

I have been obsessed with having a clean mantel. Never happens. Its ok, I call it the lived in look. Our dining room is a play room, dining table is pushed against a wall and used as a desk. Its not what I want but I will deal for now. 


What do you do when there is no school and you have five kids in your house? You paint faces.


The butterfly


The skeleton


The lion


The gang


Dead man





They had fun with it. I did too. I never realized how much I love painting faces. 

So today its back to school. And for me its getting my house back in order. Yeah right…slim chance of that happening. I have kids to play with here.

I hope you had a great weekend wether it was a two day weekend or a three day weekend. I hope it was fantastic.

Enjoy your week.

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So I sit here sipping my tea, watching the kids play. My heart is warm watching Shane and Kennedy interact. Kennedy brought her Disney princess figurines today. I told her she has to share and there they are, sitting on the floor playing so nicely with the princesses. Shane chewing on them, Kennedy organizing them. Shane wants everything she has. She is so good as a two year old to share with him. 

Our days are very interesting. The things these kids do and say entertain me. Shane wants anything Kennedy has or wears. Its really cute.

Who is wearing these boots? Kennedy or Shane?


Not Kennedy…thats for sure


Its moments like these that make my heart warm.


And put a smile on my face!!!  Image

I have to run because I just heard a bowl of Cheerios being poured all over the floor.

Happy Tuesday!!!

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Owen will always say he looks just like his dad and is just like his dad. The thing is, he is a mini me through and through. He looks like me, thinks like me, eats like me. We are wired the same.


Does he look like a Boissonneault, yes. But at the end of the day he looks like me and that makes me happy!!!

I took this with my camera on a little tripod my mom gave me. I need to set it up more to get shots with me in them!!! Another thing to work on this year!


I had a great weekend.

I had the opportunity to go to my cousins house and see their beautiful new baby and his big sister. I photographed the family for a few hours.

Sneak peek…


There is more where this came from. Stay tuned.

The rest of the weekend was spent basically on the couch. I had a borderline migraine all day today. I tried to power through a few tasks taking medicine every few hours. NO FUN I tell you!

Happy beginning of the week (technically).

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