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I have been slapped in the face with reality. Sometimes I like when this happens and sometimes I wish I could go back to living in my own little bubble. This is one of those good realizations but it just came about in an awfully tragic way. Why is it that awful things have to happen for us to remember what is important? I wish it wasn’t that way.

Yesterday I was seeing pictures of this adorable little red headed boy named Ryan in my feed on Instagram. I was curious so I followed the link to a blog named Diary of an Addict. A post titled “Red Balloons for Ryan“.

The loss of a little life is always hard to read. It is especially hard when Ryan is the same age as Shane. Accidents happen every day. If I could hold on to my kids and lock us in a bubble I would.

I can not imagine what this family is going through. I try to imagine and all I can do is hug my boys and never let go.

Which made me think. I spent the morning annoyed because I was nagging Owen to get dressed, yelling at the boys to stop fighting, wishing I could have gotten ten more minutes of sleep. Why? Is sleep more important than spending time with my kids? I should be grateful that Owen is here for me to nag. That Owen and Shane are here to fight. I am grateful for every second I have with them.

I decided that in honor of Ryan and his parents, I am going to put my phone down, be present and appreciate the time I have with these boys. My family is so important to me. They are my world. If something happened to one of them I don’t know what I would do.

Ok. Time for me to go play hide and seek with Shane.



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Making Sense

As I get older and gain more life experience I begin to realize what is important to me, how to prioritize or as my sister and I say #priorities. I have learned how to be at peace with where I am in life.

There was a time where I didn’t live my life for me. I guess I lived my life according to what I thought others thought I should do. I am not sure how or when it happened but it did. I settled into my life and accepted that I am who I am and live my life the way I see fit. Its OK to not be doing what everyone else is doing. Its OK to be an individual. Everything sort of just falls into place and nothing is perfect.

I got married young and had Owen young and was not prepared for what life handed me. I spent a lot of time wishing for things didn’t have, wanting to go places I could not go and wanting to be things I couldn’t be. It took me time to settle into my role add wife and mother. To learn to be happy with what I had. There was a point I guess I realized that when I long for what I don’t have I am not appreciating what I do have. And I have a lot and am extremely grateful.

Do I like to have nice things, yes. Do I long for my own home, yes. Do I want to take vacations a few times a year, yes. I honestly believe that in time all of these things will come.

Those things are not what is important though. Things are not important to me. People are important to me. It’s my relationships that I cherish, not my possessions.

So it has taken 31 years but I can honestly say I am at peace with my life and myself. Ask me about aging and that’s a different story. I can’t say I am at peace with that.

I am a work in progress and will continue improve and work hard to maintain happiness. Life throws curve balls and challenges which will make things hard at times but history has shown me that those hard times pass. We are good people who deserve good. We will continue to be good people and good things will happen for us.

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Christmas 2012



My Christmas was amazing. I have a huge family and love every second of our holiday celebrations.

Christmas Eve at my Brother-in-laws house. There is never a dull moment with the Boissonneaults.



Shaney loves to help his Uncle Joe







Hands down the best pic of the night! Owen loves his cousins.ImageImageImageImage





There were many, many moments like this. I guess I am the mean mom that thinks its cute and takes pics instead of comforting. The comforting came after the cute pic.Image


This kid is had is 9th Christmas. I cant believe it.Image


Vicky and JoeyImageImageImage

Auntie Angie is so calm and tolerant of this boy and his curiosity a.k.a. pulling every ornament off the tree. Image


He may not like me very much for this some day but for now this is an amazing picture. Image

Mason is such a love bug!!!ImageImageImageImageImageImageImage


Three of the fiveImage


Here is the fourth. The fifth is down south with his family.Image


Thanks to Greg for including me in a picture. Its a rare occasion.ImageImageImageImage


Christmas Morning at our house was amazing. I didn’t take many photos. I kind of wanted to take it all in and enjoy my boys. Watch them open their presents and beg to open each one not realizing there are more to go.

We went to my moms for Christmas brunch.Image


Baby Julia’s First ChristmasImage


Then this happened. Out of nowhere Jim was toasting how great the family is and he appreciates us so much then BOOM!!!! Out comes the ring and down he goes.

Lyndee and Jim got engaged!!!! It was a beautiful moment. I was so happy to have been there to see it.ImageImageImage


The kids are all getting so much older. This is what they did the entire morning. Image






Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

I have had a bit of bloggers block over the past few months. I actually have photographers block as well. I have just not been inspired.

I am not usually a huge resolution person. I wake up every day and try to be a better person. 2012 has not been a great blogging/photography year for me. I need to step it up. The more pictures I take the more I will want to write and share. Or the more I write I may want to take more pictures. Who knows how it happens. I just know that I have to take the step to get out of the blogging funk. 

I know 2013 will be a great year for the Boissonneaults. We have had so much change this year. While we love change and new adventures we hope to settle down, buy a house, get a dog and who knows, maybe have another baby. I don’t know what the cards hold but I do know that good things are happening.

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So as promised, our Christmas!

Honestly it was the best week off with my family in a very long time. We stayed busy but not too busy. We spent a lot of time together as a family and relaxed. Brian and I had some much needed time together. It was perfect in my eyes. Not to mention it was Christmas. That was an added bonus. We love the holidays. They are much more bearable knowing we have the following week off.

Just about every morning was lazy. Just how I like my mornings. Well lazy for an hour anyway.

We had a jammie day or two in there somewhere. We love jammie days in this house.

The week was just what we needed.

It all started Christmas eve. I baked cookies for Santa.


Owen usually likes to help me but gets bored and wanders off. So I am left to it. Its fine. I like baking and usually wander into my own world myself. I am the mom of two boys…so far the first one is not a baker. He is an artist though…



My boys make me so proud!

Our night was great. Brian prepared an amazing meal as usual. My sister and her husband came over for dinner and to hang out and see the kids open their gifts from us. We give them our stuff the night before. Santa comes in the morning.


I love watching my kids open presents. I know the holiday is not about that but there is just something about their excitement and the expressions on their faces.

These little faces make me smile.
Mr. O got a brand new Xbox and Kinect. He loves it so much.
Shaney loved the paper and boxes
Although he thought these were pretty cool.
Then there is this!!!
I love it when Brian has his boys…they both always melt right into him! I can see why.
Christmas morning was magical. I hardly slept in anticipation of the kids waking up. We made sure we left cookies and milk for Santa.
He left the boys a letter.
Santa wanted the ultimate surprise when the kids woke up. Plus he knew a special boy would wake up and peek.
What was under the sheet?
We took our time in our jammies, the kids opening presents, us sipping on coffee. Then we made a special breakfast. We only have it a few times a year so it has to be a special day.
Owen had a pre-breakfast. He still had room for chocolate chip pancakes though.
It was busy day ahead of us. After some showers we headed up to my moms for brunch.
Taken by Owen.
Shaneys new thing…he covers his ears when he thinks something is too loud or doesn’t want to hear us.
Some sleepy guys after a very LONG morning.
Brunch at my moms. They can make a mean brunch! My favorite part…the mimosa’s. Thanks Lyndee!!!!
I love my family.
The guys room
Ladies in the kitchen
My sister and her husband Bryan…I snuck this one!
Its so nice for all of us to get together. We don’t do it often enough. We have such a big family. We are always all over the place and rarely have time to get together. I guess that happens but I always look forward to our gatherings!
Then off to Brian’s parents for dinner. It was favorite meal. My grandmother used to make it all the time. Ham, mashed potatoes, salad, and rolls. YUM!!!! I ate all of mine and the rest of Owens.
At this point Shane was just so tired. He was still good but we had a few meltdowns. To be expected.
Oh pepere you are so funny!
Sleepy Guy
It was a great day but a very long day.
We had a jammie day the next day. The kids playing with their stuff, us sort of relaxing. As much as we could anyway. We immediately took the tree down to make room for all the stuff the kids got. I wanted to do nothing all day but I had to do an out with the old and in with the new move.
The rest of the week was very relaxing. We had family over, visited with friends, I got a massage with my sister, we went to a ROCKIN NYE party and another jammie day the next day.
It was sad to get back to reality but we did and it almost felt good.
We start a new year with tons of great things planned for the year. This is our year!
Happy New Year!!!

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