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Heidi Rainbow Star

I know you are probably wondering what the title to this post means? Well it has much meaning to my life.

When I was a bit older than Shane and a bit younger than Owen (that puts be at about 5 or 6) I had a cat. She was a pure white, short haired cat. She was the most unfriendly, mean cat ever. Her name was Heidi. You would have to ask my sister but I remember her name being Heidi Rainbow Star. My sister and I didnt agree on much back then so I am sure she had another name for Heidi. I can guarantee that Heidi was her name. I believe we named her after my favorite movie of the time…Heidi, staring Shirley Temple. It was the first movie I ever cried over. Heidi’s best friend who is paralyzed in a wheel chair learns how to walk at the end of the movie…tears, tears and more tears.

 I digress…Heidi. Our cat. She was mean. She scratched us, bit us and I am pretty sure hissed at our every move. I don’t remember much but I do remember my dad having to send her back to the humane society because she was a mean cat. 

What is the point of all of this late night rambling. Well, one I cant sleep. Two Shane asked for a rainbow cake with a star on it and it got me thinking about Heidi Rainbow Star. 

When I asked Shane what he wants for a cake on his third birthday this is what he said. I went through all the options. Ice Cream cake, Chocolate Cake, Vanilla Cake, Rainbow Cake…he stopped me right there. Yes, I want Rainbow Cake. I asked him, “are you sure you dont want reeses ice cream cake?”. “No mom, I want Rainbow cake.”.

I stressed the ice cream cake because that is really what I wanted but nope, he wants a rainbow cake and was even specific enough to say he wants a rainbow cake with a star on it.

Ok boy, you get what you want. Mom is going to make you the best rainbow cake with a star on top that I can possibly make. It will be just what you want. Why will I? Because I love you. 

My baby turns three tomorrow and that is very hard for me. While he claims he still wants to be a baby I know he loves being a big boy. He wants to be a baby simply because he doesn’t want the buppy fairy to come tomorrow. She almost came tonight but daddy forgot the chocolate gold coins which is what he thinks the fairly leaves. So tomorrow night she will scoop up the buppies and hope their are no lost bups founds, and in turn she will leave those awesome gold, chocolate coins that come in a net!!! Now, where on earth to find those coins??? 

I must sign off because it is much too late for me to be up rambling about old cats, fairies and cake. Especially when my kids will be up in 5 hours. or sooner.

Until tomorrow when I post pictures of my big boy!!!! I am out!!!


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