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Heidi Rainbow Star

I know you are probably wondering what the title to this post means? Well it has much meaning to my life.

When I was a bit older than Shane and a bit younger than Owen (that puts be at about 5 or 6) I had a cat. She was a pure white, short haired cat. She was the most unfriendly, mean cat ever. Her name was Heidi. You would have to ask my sister but I remember her name being Heidi Rainbow Star. My sister and I didnt agree on much back then so I am sure she had another name for Heidi. I can guarantee that Heidi was her name. I believe we named her after my favorite movie of the time…Heidi, staring Shirley Temple. It was the first movie I ever cried over. Heidi’s best friend who is paralyzed in a wheel chair learns how to walk at the end of the movie…tears, tears and more tears.

 I digress…Heidi. Our cat. She was mean. She scratched us, bit us and I am pretty sure hissed at our every move. I don’t remember much but I do remember my dad having to send her back to the humane society because she was a mean cat. 

What is the point of all of this late night rambling. Well, one I cant sleep. Two Shane asked for a rainbow cake with a star on it and it got me thinking about Heidi Rainbow Star. 

When I asked Shane what he wants for a cake on his third birthday this is what he said. I went through all the options. Ice Cream cake, Chocolate Cake, Vanilla Cake, Rainbow Cake…he stopped me right there. Yes, I want Rainbow Cake. I asked him, “are you sure you dont want reeses ice cream cake?”. “No mom, I want Rainbow cake.”.

I stressed the ice cream cake because that is really what I wanted but nope, he wants a rainbow cake and was even specific enough to say he wants a rainbow cake with a star on it.

Ok boy, you get what you want. Mom is going to make you the best rainbow cake with a star on top that I can possibly make. It will be just what you want. Why will I? Because I love you. 

My baby turns three tomorrow and that is very hard for me. While he claims he still wants to be a baby I know he loves being a big boy. He wants to be a baby simply because he doesn’t want the buppy fairy to come tomorrow. She almost came tonight but daddy forgot the chocolate gold coins which is what he thinks the fairly leaves. So tomorrow night she will scoop up the buppies and hope their are no lost bups founds, and in turn she will leave those awesome gold, chocolate coins that come in a net!!! Now, where on earth to find those coins??? 

I must sign off because it is much too late for me to be up rambling about old cats, fairies and cake. Especially when my kids will be up in 5 hours. or sooner.

Until tomorrow when I post pictures of my big boy!!!! I am out!!!


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I would like to wish my wonderful husband a happy 35th birthday.

I am just sorry it was not as happy as I had hoped. Birthdays are very special to me. Its your one day a year to have everyone focus on you.

Well unfortunately for Brian that didn’t happen.

Waking up I did a little morning mantra in my head. “Today will be a good day, I will be happy, the kids will be happy”. I give myself the pep talk each morning. It really does help me start each day new and fresh and let go of the previous days frustrations.

So enough of the pep talk talk. Ha

Literally at 7 am Owen was having a melt down because he could not down load a new app on his tablet. I spent a good 30 min trying to defuse the situation because its Brian’s birthday and it wont be ruined by a fit.

I was semi successful. So the morning wasn’t perfect. I figured I had the rest of the day to turn it around.

And our day was average. Shane and I ran errands, Brian worked from home, typical day.

Then the afternoon came. I started to make Brian’s cake. I should know better than to commit to anything that will take more than 20 min. I had to stop a million times to tend to Shane and stop him from getting into everything under the sun.

I finally got the cakes into the oven. Realizing I had just enough time bake it and then get Owen.

Then I thought, wait a minute! Brian is home!!! I don’t have to rush. He can just grab Owen. I am not used that.

Even better my friend needed help with her little one who had an upset tummy so while she picked up her kids I stayed home with Shane, finished my cake and hung out with my friends kids. (Lisa, I was so happy to take them! So do not worry for a second.)

So while I am stopping Shaney from having a melt down because he wanted something that Jules had I am vaguely hearing what sounds like running water. Nope, not running water. Its Amelia. Poor babe got sick. She was so amazing to get off the couch and rug and just stand on the wood floor.

I froze. Little Jules, one year old, Shaney, two years old, both a few steps away from getting into it. I had socks on. What do I do first, get shoes, keep kids away, cover it up??? Then there was poor Amelia standing there covered in puke, shivering.

Well I grabbed a towel close by and covered it. Tried to explain to the one and two year old why they need to stay away. The one year old got it, the two year old, not so much.

So this whole thing really is no big deal. Sick children don’t bother me. Not in the least. Its is just the start of my comical evening. Comical now, not earlier.

Owen was on his way home and all Shane wanted to do was cuddle. I am thinking man, I just need to clean this up so I can get Owen settled to do homework, set Shaney up to give me 10 minutes to clean everything. I still have dinner and cake frosting on my mind and there is a bottle of wine calling my name but its only 3:30 so that is inappropriate.
Owen gets home and realizes he has to do homework and melts down again. I am very confused because he comes home everyday and does homework. Today was no different. He insisted there was no school tomorrow due to an impending Blizzard. And he is right but at that time he had no idea and got homework. So being the mean mom I am, I made him get it done. It took way longer than the 20 min its supposed to take.

Here I am still trying to clean up, tending to Shaney and trying to avoid a massive battle with Owen. Then later didn’t happen. It was a battle. I actually had to leave the house because I was going to have a meltdown myself. When I came back he was still at it. Shane still wanted to cuddle and couldn’t understand what was going on around him. I sent Owen to his room and tended to Shane for a few minutes. Got him resettled and went to clean the tub. That is where I rinsed everything from earlier. As I am spraying the tub Shane falls off the couch. I stop again to tend to him. Get him resettled again. Owen is still flipping out in his room because he can’t go outside and that wine is still calling my name!!!

I went back to the bathroom to finish the tub and hear screaming again. Shane spilled a bag of Cheez it and got salt in his eye. Yup that’s right. Salt in his freaking eye. Brian grabbed him and washed it out because i just wanted to get the tub done.

Yes. The story gets better.

I finally got to the point where the tub was clean, I was ready to frost the cake and start dinner. Shane was still into everything. To the point where he was on his tippy toes trying to touch a very heavy mirror on the wall. I had a spatula full of frosting and dropped it to run over to stop him. Got it everywhere. All over my newly mopped floor. Yup, wine still calling my name.

I finally got Owen to finish homework and calm down. He is usually an emotional time bomb for a little while after the melt downs. So I tried to avoid confrontation but not walk on egg shells. I just want this night to turn around.

At this point I would have been so smart to order dinner and sit down with my family. Nope, not me. I HAD to make this birthday night a success.

Finally the cake is frosted, wine is poured, kids are calm, Brian is fine to so I start dinner. It went rather smoothly. We actually had a great dinner. No fights to eat, no major messes and I actually sat down so I would say its a success.

Cake time!!! We attempted to sing. As we did Shaney just sang poop to the tune of Happy Birthday. We tried again. Shane hummed and Owen sang about a zoo and monkey. FAIL!

Bath time. I have been putting Shane on the potty every night before he takes a bath because the toilet freaks him out. I just want him to get used to it. He said he had to poop. Nothing happened on the toilet. Well not then anyway. Let me bring you back to earlier when I tried a bunch of times to clean the tub and couldn’t get to it because someone needed something. Well it finally got done. Definitely didn’t stay clean long as with anything in this house. That’s right, you guessed it, he pooped in the clean tub. I mean at this point all I could do was laugh. How can this really be happening. I had to take him out and drain it so I can clean it. That didn’t go over well with him. He was not happy. How can I explain this to him so he gets it. I just let him cry and got the job done. I did not have the words. I just wanted the night to be done. Its not fun anymore!

Finally the end is in sight. Kids are settled, Brian is relaxing and I am actually putting my feet up. Not for too long because I have two loads of laundry to fold next to me on the couch. I am not capable of sitting right next to a load of unfolded laundry and leaving it. I mean if it was in a basket unfolded behind me where i can’t see it that would be OK.

So yeah, that was my night.

I told the kids we need to give dad a birthday redo.

Brian and I are both feeling like crap. Our sinuses are a mess. Maybe next week we will redo it.

At least my storm obsessed husband is getting a redo of the day he was born. Maybe that is why he is so obsessed with storms. He was born in the blizzard of 78. 35 years ago he came into this world and has been storm obsessed ever since. He can use his new birthday boots to go out in the snow.

This night was madness but I wouldn’t have it any other way. There were many points in this night I was not calm at all but looking back it wasn’t all that bad. Then again both kids are asleep, I have my steaming hot cup of tea and my feet up.

My bed is calling NY name like the wine was earlier.

Tomorrow is Blizzard day. Bring it on Memo.

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Pure Love

Being a parent is going to be the hardest thing I will ever do. Hands down. 

Its a constant challenge. Things are always changing as the kids grow. I will be anxious and worried for the rest of their life. 

When you think you take two steps forward and are in the clear or on top of things you get pushed back a bit to remind you that you are not on top of it and maybe need to re-asses your situation. Its hard.

My mission in life is to be the best mother I can possibly be. To always be there for my kids, support them, encourage them, and try my damnedest to teach them all I know. 

There was a time in my life I thought I needed more. I thought I wanted that big career in the corporate world. It wasn’t enough for me to just be a stay at home mom and wife. 

Times change because I can say whole heartedly that I am right where I want to be. There is nothing in the world I want more than to be Owen and Shanes mom. I couldn’t even imagine working at this point. These boys are my life. 

I will always try to move heaven and earth to make sure my boys have what they need.


How could you not love those precious faces. 

On that note…to bed I go because I have a very busy day tomorrow. 

I just have to say a quick happy birthday to my sister and her husband! They both have a bday this week!!!


Have a wonderful weekend!

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