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Ever have a day when you wake up, see the sun shining but wish it were raining so you would have an excuse to stay in bed, in your jammies with the blinds drawn. That is the type of day I am having.

I spent the weekend in a benadryl induced haze. On Thursday I took some migraine medicine that had some aspirin in it. I am pretty allergic to aspirin. Well my body made sure to tell me I took the wrong thing.


I am finally on the road to recovery. Five days of benadryl, three days of steroids and I am slowly getting back to normal. What a horrible weekend it was.

I normally don’t post anything negative but that is not reality now is it. People have good days and bad days. Today is a beautiful, sunny day but I feel like it should be a rainy, dark day.

My kids act up on days like this, the husband picks and picks and all I want to do it hide and be left alone. I know that many of you have had these days.

Do I love my kids, OF COURSE! Do I love my husband, OF COURSE! I think I am over due for some ME time.

And me time I shall have…

I will be hightailing out of here Friday night for some girl time with my friends. My good friend recently had a beautiful baby girl. She is staying in CT for a while from NJ. Her husband is in the Air force and is on a mission so she stays with her family here. I will be heading to her moms with some wine and a night of nothing (or something). Who knows! All I know is it is much needed me time that I don’t often get.

Sometimes I feel guilty for wanting to be something other than a mother and wife. Those are my two most important roles in life. I am proud to be both of those things. But often time I just want to be me.

Now thats not to say when I am out with friends I ever stop talking about my family. That is probably why I don’t see or talk to friends without kids or husbands often. They are probably like, wow, this chic never stops talking about those little monsters and that sexy man of hers.

The way I look at it is every day is a new day. I get to start fresh tomorrow. Wether its rainy or sunny I will try to make the whole day a sunny day. I will enjoy the time I have with my children and the night I get to spend with my husband. I will let myself have this gray day because sometimes you just need them.


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