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An Hour

Ah, the joys of homework.

I make it a point to be available to Owen when he is doing homework. We both sit down, me on the computer, reading a book, playing with Shaney, etc., him doing homework. He asks questions, I answer. Thats how it goes. He is a smart boy and somedays he flies through his homework. 20 minutes and its done. He reads every word perfectly, answers every math problem with ease.

Then there are days like today. Poor guy started homework at 3:15pm. He had two word sheets (synonyms) to do and a math sheet. He kind of powered through the word sheets. He knows the work but just didn’t have it in him today to get through it effortlessly.

Here it is, 5:02pm and we have been working on the same math sheet for an hour. There are seven rows of seven, 49 math problems. Its thousands addition. He knows this stuff. An hour and we have two rows done, tons of tears, a headache (both he and I), sore hands, broken pencils, broken erasers and plenty of acting out. You name it, any excuse to not do the work. He knows he has to do it but simply can’t!

I want to tell him he doesn’t have to finish, he can do it later but its the same everyday, homework after school until its done. We don’t stop until its done. Its the same thing everyday. Today he has spent the entire time trying to get me to change my mind.

Children with ADHD need consistency. They need to trust you and know that when you say something you mean it. Its hard to be consistent all the time. When I say something I nine times out of ten I wish I could change my mind.

My heart is breaking tonight watching him struggle. I want to do it for him. I want to tell him he doesn’t need to finish. In the end, he needs to do it. When he finishes he will be so happy with himself. It will be a big relief for he and I.

Then we have to corrections to deal with. I dread checking it to make sure its right.

Wish me luck!


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